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Start your trip right!

For most of us the only part of a cruise vacation that isn't enjoyable is the flight to our destination. This is an even greater issue for European or Asia cruises. The long lines at check in, at security, and then a wait at the airport. You then get on your plane only to be squished into an ever shrinking seat. So what can you do? Here our our tips to flying to your cruise.

1. Consider booking in business class. The airlines offer us non-published discounted fares as long as your travel plans are firm. You might be able to fly to Europe for much less than you thought on a lay-flat bed. Plus you get an expedited check-in, fast access to customs, airport lounge access and faster luggage delivery.

2. If Business Class is outside of your budget consider premium economy, or at a minimum pay for a better seat location in economy.

3. Buy a lounge access pass for the Plaza Lounge at Toronto. A great way to have a light meal and beverages before departure in comfortable seats.

4.If you don't already have Nexus, apply now! You get front of the line access to airport security, allowing you to pass by the never ending que.

5. Consider creative flight routing. Iceland air offers flights that connect in Reykjavik, which is only 5 hours from Toronto. Their 2:30 pm departure is st a time when Pearson isn't busy and you land before midnight. Spend a couple of days exploring before continuing on to Europe, which is now only a few hours away. have a trip to Europe and never missed a night's sleep.

Call or write us and we can help you plan a vacation that starts once you leave the front door of your home.

Bob voyage

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