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Why Use an Agent?

Almost every major cruise line has its own website with links connecting you to pages and pages of immense information. You can spend hours online perusing exotic destinations and ship amenities, and even take a virtual tour of the vessel itself. And yet, there is no website that can equal the knowledge and expertise of a cruise travel agent. A cruise travel agent's professional skills are vital to any cruise booking. Although any travel agent books a cruise, a cruise travel agent is the only one who specializes in cruises. This means that a cruise travel agent has been comprehensively trained to know the ins and outs of the cruise industry. I'm sure you want to spend your money getting exactly what you want out of a cruise. A cruise travel agent is trained to get you what you want, and to get you what you never even knew you wanted in the first place! And you won't find a better cruise travel agent anywhere else than you will at Cruise Holidays.

Cruise Travel Agent—A High-quality Cruise Travel Agent

A high-quality cruise travel agent should be able to locate the best deals, answer all your questions, and have, at the very least, basic knowledge about cruise lines and the cruise industry. Cruise travel agents should be able to provide you with several options, aid you in your choice if you're hesitant, and make suggestions about what it is you need if ever you're unclear. A great cruise travel agent should make available all the different cruise lines' brochures and information. You should also be informed of how you will get your baggage from the airport to the ship, and then back to the airport. You should have answers provided to the questions about the cruise lines' cancellation and payment policies, and questions about any special needs (i.e. medical, dietary, child care, etc...) that you have.

Cruise Travel Agent—Questions

Some questions a cruise travel agent might ask you include: What's your ideal cruise experience? What types of things would you like to do on your cruise? What type of ship environment are you looking for? What destinations do you want to travel to? What do you normally do on your vacations? Where do you normally travel to, and what length of time do you normally spend there? Although a cruise travel agent will ask you the right questions, to avoid an unsatisfactory vacation experience it's important for you to ask the right questions of them. As stated earlier, a good cruise travel agent will aid you in a certain direction if you're uncertain about issues, but you should certainly do your homework and come to a travel agent well-prepared with ideas about where you'd like to travel. If you're a young couple going on your honeymoon searching for loud and crazy times with people your own age, being surrounded by 400 senior citizens looking for the next bingo table may not be what you bargained for. And if you're a senior citizen couple looking forward to relaxing days and nights with the beautiful blue ocean as your view, you'll probably be put-off if a bunch of party-hungry spring breakers crowd around your lounge chair. Talk to your cruise travel agent, who should be able to find out all pertinent information concerning you and your cruise vacation.

Cruise Travel Agent—Booking

A cruise travel agent also has agent cruise discount travel privileges, which are big savings that cruise agents can get for potential cruise goers that cruise goers can't ordinarily get for themselves. A cruise travel agent can often help with all-inclusive vacation packages, as well as tour packages. Booking a cruise is more complex than purchasing an airplane ticket or calling a hotel for a room. As with any vacation, there are countless decisions you must make. But if you let the expert cruise specialists at Cruise Holidays help you make those decisions, it will be nothing but smooth sailing. Call 888.695.SAIL today. and similar call centers

What most cruisers don't know is that the "agent" who you are talking to over the phone is a high pressure salesperson trying to sell you a cruise. If you look at their "careers" section of their website you will find that experience is not required, just a desire to make over $100,000 selling people from their Texas office. (Have a look for yourself at ) Everyone who works at Cruise Holidays is a certified cruise expert and licensed by the province of Ontario to sell travel. We are in this business because we love to travel and we enjoy dealing with our clients for many years. Leave you vacation in the hands of the experts at Cruise Holidays.

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